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Proven Durability

The AFS Raven ignition system offers an economical and configurable method to provide powerful, precision spark energy for gaseous-fuelled engines.  The Raven’s reputation for ruggedness has made it the first choice of distributorless ignition systems for the diesel-to-gaseous fuel conversion industry.  Designed for four-or-six-cylinder engines, the Raven uses coil-per-plug, non-wasted-spark technology.  Thousands of Ravens in operation today have proven its reliability under the most demanding conditions.

Recent advances in electronics have enabled the Raven to offer many important advantages not possible with older, distributor-based systems.  The Raven:

  • boosts spark energy during cranking for reliable starts
  • constantly monitors for correct operation and warns the operator in the case of malfunction
  • protects ignition coils by de-activating them in case of malfunction
  • resists tampering and requires no adjustments once installed

In addition, the Raven features:

  • auto-voltage sensing for operation on 12 or 24 V systems without the need for a voltage converter
  • cold start advance for superior starts and best power and efficiency during warm-up
  • multi-spark capability for smooth, stable operation

Distributor systems were developed for petrol engines, which operate with lower spark energy than high-compression CNG engines.  Many conventional coils cannot withstand CNG’s high firing voltage, leading to eventual coil breakdown and misfire.   The ignition coils provided with the Raven system are specially designed for demanding natural gas service, incorporating a diode to prevent engine-damaging pre-spark.

The Raven offers special features such as "smart diagnostics".  For example, in the event of a broken spark plug wire, the system can reduce the dwell to that cylinder to protect the ignition coil.  Only the affected cylinder is disabled, not the entire engine.  The Raven can also alert the vehicle operator with a dashboard light in case of problems, and store a record of the problem for later access by service technicians. 

The Raven Ignition System comes with “RavenWatch” diagnostic and calibration software, to allow full-featured calibration access for maximum platform flexibility.  Our user-friendly software allows full control of ignition timing for optimum performance, and can be used with or without a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor or throttle position sensor (TPS).  Calibration tables can be modified in real time as the engine is running, facilitating tuning.

Optional features include an engine coolant temperature sensor (ECTS) to allow advanced ignition timing for cold starts and during engine warm-up periods.  Basic vehicle speed limiting can also be incorporated using a fuel solenoid. 

The Raven is powerful, robust, and competitively priced.

Raven Ignition System Brochure

Raven Ignition System User Guide